SINFUL MAZE was founded in 2019 in the Czech Republic, specifically in the part of the country called Moravia. Surrounded by his producer friends Meph and Drop Database, the then twenty-one-year-old DJ Mark Sin first came up with the idea of an agency. Immediately, or perhaps even simultaneously, this idea turned into the idea of a label. Just look at those beautiful sinful producers…

During its first year, the label tried to learn new things, experiment and gradually put together the puzzle of what it is and what it stands for. COVID-19’s 2020 marks a catalyst for the label due to the accrued time spent in quarantine. The gradual recognition on domestic and international soil represents a certain satisfaction for SINFUL MAZE, thanks to which it will gain the necessary self-confidence for self-affirmation and subsequent development.

The hype and daily progression continue with the second COVID year 2021, the conclusion of which promises a fresh tomorrow after a tough global test. The year 2022 becomes just as turbulent, with the label’s focus shifting more to Prague and abroad. By the end of this year, the label has released 77 artists from 5 continents.

The year 2023, the fifth year of the label’s existence, is a major challenge… judge yourself at the end of it.