Once upon a time in the middle of Europe, we have found a baby in the basket behind our doors, covered by a blanket, crying out loud, with no scars, no eyeglasses.

Nineteen years old student of sound engineering Martin which goes by the name A.way is releasing his debut Mindless EP and we are really stoked about dropping some beams of light on this fella.

The first 4-track EP release of 2022 is exposing another quite unknown producer. He got the swag, the drive, he comes from Slovakia and he pushes the boundaries of the sound coming outta his own dimension.

Three DnB tunes of different kinds supplemented by crispy halftime reflect that he is a various artist with a perfect sense for technicality. Thrown out of his dubstep roots he masters to express his production vision with daily dedication for producing and working out. What a spirit!

  • Release dateFebruary 22, 2022
  • LabelSinful Maze