An underlying image in a painting, specifically, one that has become visible when the top layer of paint has turned transparent with age, providing evidence of revision by the artist.

As an artist, once you are satisfied with your final “product”, you may perhaps have the urge to share and talk about it with your best sonic fella. You both take a look, share ideas and apply a new perspective. Repeat the process until you come to a perfect symbiosis.

Layer after layer – sound or brush? The art reflects the journey in time through the creation process. Only until you achieve that final form… until you are satisfied with the result of your work. Will the artform’s complexity fully show the time and layers embedded into its core fabric.

When these guys team up, they always seek out both – the progress and the finish line. Malcuth & Facutum have once again combined their worlds to create… Well, as we always say, let the art speak for itself!

We are so proud to have such talented, down to earth and deep-going people at our label that demonstrate their unique perspective on music. Not everything has got to be Drum & Bass, right?!

This is Malcuth & Facutum’s testimony. Their creation and first larger project. This is a mere taste, a specimen of what Czech production can truly be.

  • Release dateOctober 11, 2021
  • LabelSinful Maze